Poor Man's Diet - Health on a budget

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. In fact you can save money by sticking to the basics.

If you’re on a budget stay away from the “health foods” and supplements. They’re crazy expensive. You don’t need them to achieve your goals.

Eat nutrient dense foods packed with vitamins. They keep you full longer.  Avoid cheap foods that cause cravings like bread, its mostly air anyway…not much vitamins.

Success Story - Andrew Brown

I asked Andrew if he would share his story. He sent me this testimony within an hour. Stoked to be doing this type of work.  - Gabe

On January 2nd, 2015 I suffered 3 broken vertebrae, a fractured pelvis, broken radius and a shattered metacarpal after being hit by a Cadillac Escalade, while riding my motorcycle.  After surgery, some titanium screws & rod in my hand and a hell of a lot Percocet I went home in a wheelchair.

Keto Superhero - Getting Jacked without Carbs

Part 3 - Sleep and Hormones

My Superpower

I can read scientific texts on nutrition and strength training all day long with fervor. Then I obsess until finding a practical application to daily life. I also have a high powered...imagination. Ok, so its not supersonic flight, energy beam eyesight or teleportation, but it's how I designed this program. 

Keto Superhero - Getting Jacked without Carbs

Part 2 - Strength Training and Supplementation

After publishing part 1 of this experiment I received a lot of feedback. Some people had nice things to say and others apparently think I'm a Cunt on Steroids. I learned that I have much to improve upon as a writer. I also learned that I cant please everyone. 

With that being said, I want to make it clear that the writing here is just my opinion.

Keto Superhero - Getting Jacked without Carbs

Part 1 - What to eat

“Ketosis is a panacea” –Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

Panacea - a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

In 2012 I began the ketogenic diet, made my first bulletproof coffee and lost 15 pounds. By 2014 I was running fasted half marathons, with no prior endurance training and grew my first six pack. 3 months ago I competed in my first powerlifting meet, lifting a lifetime personal record, without carbohydrates. Ketosis is working for me.

Beware of the Keto-Flu!

When’s the last time you had the flu?  Was it fun?  Did you enjoy the experience?  If you’re a normal human being you probably loathed it.  Most likely you laid in bed and hated every minute of it.  Since everyone hates the flu, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you wouldn’t purposefully give yourself flu-like symptoms.  Right?

Best Latte Ever

Gynostemma MCT Latte

My cousin Steve knows a shit ton about super foods and Chinese herbs. He showed me this tea which I instantly fell in love with. I finished a whole box in a couple days. Its an Adaptogen. Adaptogen herbs help peopleadapt to stress, physical and chemical. I dont fully understand how this works yet but from what I gather, adaptogens positively infuence the endocrine system...hormones...I understand this may still sound vague, but think of adrenaline for example. Adrenaline is a hormone thats made by the endocrine system and we all know how it can effect the body.  

...moving on...

72 hour fast: Daily notes

I convinced some friends to fast for three days. I'm sharing my notes with you here, not that anyone is interested in not eating. My opinion is everyone should fast. Anyone that wants to live a richer life both physically and mentally. When I push my limits, my limits are extended. Level up, heres a log of my latest 3 day fast. 


It’s 3:00pm on Tuesday.  I’m 42hrs into a 48hr fast and I figured I would post a status update.  Well, it wasn’t a TOTAL fast.  Each morning I consumed a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon and a teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt.  Upon arriving to work I had 1 cup of coffee with 1 tablespoon of grass-fed butter blended in.  THAT’S IT.

Parenthood - A new perspective on health

Everything changed when my son was born. Having a kid is simultaneously the most terrifying and enlightening experience I’ve known. It feels like falling in love, my first psychedelic experience and the first time I got my ass kicked, all at once…multiplied by infinity. There’s been a massive shift in my perspective. I see myself and the world with new eyes. I suddenly don’t matter that much and it’s awesome. The tectonic plates of my old reality have disengaged and formed a new earth. I’ve been given real purpose and I want to be the best Dad I can be. Ultimate health is my companion in this.

Intermittent Fasting - Looking good naked

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you all want to look delicious in your birthday suit, with as little effort as possible. I’d also bet you’d appreciate more free time in your life. If you disagree with these statements you’re either an idiot or extremely sexy with impressive time management skills…either way you can just stop reading now.

High Fat Dad Bod

Last month I didn’t eat for three days. I did this to demonstrate how badass we humans really are. I wasn’t bent over in debilitating hunger or in hyper-sleep with Lieutenant Ellen Ripley (corny movie reference). I was winning at life and felt pretty darn good. I cared for my newborn, went to work, studied and continued my strength training program per usual…all my normal activities. My girlfriend said “You seem like you’ve been in a really good mood.”  I asked her opinion of me specifically for this article.

I’m not unique in my ability to fast, nor do I possess excessive will power. What I do have is an understanding of the human metabolism.  It’s actually very simple. I’ll share the main tricks with you here.

Humans are the most hard core species this planet has ever known. Paleolithic man survived cataclysmic extinctions and murdered Wholly Mammoths. We are the Shiznit! You wouldn’t guess that by looking at your average American. Most of us are pretty out of shape, unmotivated, farty…basically weak bitches.

Compare the next 5 guys you see to a Viking…Yeah, same exact species. What the fuck happened there?

It’s not modern man’s fault. It’s not a lack of motivation or will power. The answer isn’t 6 meals a day or some complicated workout plan. You don’t need any pills, potions or powders. You think hunter gather tribes used pre-workout? You think Spartans drank post battle protein shakes? Fuck no! You already have everything you need inside your DNA…with a little help from the food Mother Earth provides. Think about it…it worked that way for 100,000 years.

The problem? Your fuel source has been completely hijacked by the American Food Industry. Would you put regular unleaded in a Ferrari? It might actually drive but it sure as hell wouldn’t do what it was designed for. Eventually it would break down. Well, why the hell are you putting anything less than premium into your fuel tank? Probably because it’s on every corner, in every grocery store and you didn’t know better…until now.

I’m going to teach you to unlock your Viking badass-ness. This is not a motivational piece. This is an informative article on the fundamentals of what fuels you. As I said above its actually very simple. There are only two options.

The Perks

Today is my 31st birthday. I’m stronger, faster and leaner than I’ve ever been. I know because I track this stuff like a nerd. I’d outperform my 21 year old self in every way. I only exercise 3 times a week and don’t have a complicated meal plan to manage. I eat basically what I want, as much as I want, when I want. I have a shit ton of energy every day, the libido of a jack rabbit and enough focus to write articles like this for you lovely people. My biology is almost effortlessly on point and I can feel it in my competitive drive and when I hold my baby. As far as I can tell, this is the way the Human animal was designed to operate. If you want the perks, I want to help, so let’s get into it.

You are a Hybrid

A Toyota Prius can use gasoline or electricity and you can use sugar or fat. When driving a Prius, gasoline is great for accelerating up a steep road and electricity is best for basically everything else. It’s quieter, more efficient, inexpensive and clean. Same goes for us. Sugar is excellent for sprinting up a mountain and fat is best for everything else. The problem is, we are not taking advantage of our hybrid metabolism. Would you purchase a Prius and only use the gasoline engine?

The Human Energy Crisis

If you’re like 99% of Americans you fuel your daily activities with mostly glucose. In the interest of brevity, I’ll use the term “glucose” when referring to any sugar, carbohydrate, glycogen and protein; simply because they’re all converted to glucose within the body. Glucose is excellent for instant energy. Powerlifting, sprinting and fighting of a pack of wolves are the types of activities that require glucose. We only really need it for all-out effort, but we use it for everything we do. There are huge disadvantages in this and I’ll explain why…

Glucose Storage

The average human can only store about 1,500 calories of glucose in the body. This will last a few hours. Once those calories are depleted the individual must restore them by eating more glucose. The more active the individual, the faster these calories are depleted.

The Glucose Rollercoaster – anti-flow state

Eating glucose raises our blood sugar and we feel energized…“Yeah let’s do this, I love my job!” Elevated blood sugar triggers the release of insulin into our blood which reduces our blood sugar and causes fatigue…“My job sucks and so do you, I’m starving!”  To regain energy we eat additional glucose…“Fuck-Ya!” which releases insulin, reduces blood sugar and causes low energy and hunger…“Fuck this!”

This cycle repeats throughout the day until we go to sleep. This is what I call the glucose roller coaster. Severe ups and downs in energy levels block our daily creativity and productivity. It’s like driving a big rig with a go-cart fuel tank. As soon as you get on the highway, get up to speed and start making good time you have to exit and refuel.

This sucks for entering your mental flow state, aka “The Zone”. This is where musicians compose, where engineers design, where the sales team closes deals and where Bo Jackson scores. It requires mental energy and clarity to enter flow state and when your ass gets there you want to stay there. It takes me a good hour before I can even begin to write anything worth reading and I’ll be damned if I let low energy and hunger interrupt that.


As mentioned above, elevated blood glucose stimulates insulin secretion. Insulin turns food into fat and stores it in your tissues. We can see this first hand in Americas obesity epidemic. If you’re riding the glucose rollercoaster daily, chances are you have high blood glucose and high levels of insulin.


Elevated blood glucose causes inflammation. Inflammation is linked to pretty much every shitty disease known to man. It gives me headaches, brain fog, joint pain and swollen feet. I lost a half a shoe size after clearing my inflammation. Just give “inflammation” a google, I dare you. Chances are, you are inflamed right now.

Exercising on Glucose

Joe Blow wants big muscles and a six pack. Joe must eat a bunch of glucose and take a pre-workout for energy, before going to the gym. Joe’s workouts quickly deplete his glucose stores and cause him to be seriously hungry, so he eats a lot of food and takes a post workout protein shake. Eating a lot of food isn’t working for Joes six pack. Joe decides to work out more, which increases Joes hunger…which murders his sick pack…and so on. The end result? Joe must work out twice a day and eat 6 meals to manage his fitness goals…Joes life now largely revolves around eating and working out.

I understand there are some Joe Blows out there that enjoy working out constantly and eating all day long. What if suddenly, Joe no longer had an intense appetite? Would he really love eating all day long or would it seem like a waste of time and money? What if one day Joe realized he could maintain his sexy arms and six pack with 2 workouts a week rather than two workouts a day? Would Joe find a more rewarding way to spend his newly liberated free time, say, with family, learning something new or building a business?

Running on Premium – Ketones

Here’s where things get interesting. Here’s the alternative to the Glucose Roller coaster. If you’re like me, my baby, or the early humans who murdered wholly mammoths, your primary fuel source is fat. Ketones to be exact. A ketone is a molecule our body makes from fat we eat, or stored fat in our body. These molecules are essentially the foundation of “Fat Burning Mode”, aka Ketosis. It’s a metabolic state.

Yes, my baby is in ketosis. All breastfed babies are, and they grow and learn faster than anything on the planet. This fact alone was enough to catch my attention. Babies are humanities most precious commodity, the future of mankind, and nature thought they should be in ketosis.

Everyone produces at least a small amount of ketones, but Fat Burners produce a lot! There are varying degrees of ketosis which include; Nutritional Ketosis, Optimal Ketosis and Therapeutic Ketosis. I spend the majority of my time in nutritional and optimal ketosis. You can measure your ketones in your blood and breath.

Measuring blood ketones – using Precision Ultra glucometer

Blood ketones are measured in millimolars per liter of blood (mmol/L)

·         Below 0.5 mmol/L is not considered ketosis, however, this is likely where fasted morning cardio may place you.

·         Between 0.5 – 1.5 mmol/L is nutritional ketosis. Improved cognition and weight loss, decreased hunger, reversing diabetes.

·         1.5 – 3.0 mmol/L is optimal ketosis. Rapid weight loss, high levels of cognition, excellent for aerobic fitness, long periods of no hunger, cellular repair, boosted cellular respiration. 

·         > 3.0 mmol/L is therapeutic ketosis. Used to treat cancer, epilepsy, MS, diabetes, and many other degenerative diseases (check out this video)

Measuring breath ketones - using Ketonix breath analyzer. Similar to an alcohol breathalyzer.

·         Blue: none-minimal

·        Green: low amounts of ketones

·        Orange: Moderate ketones

·         Red: high levels of ketones

Below are measurements I took at the beginning and end of my three day fast. As my blood glucose drops my blood ketones rise. This is my body switching into fat burning mode.


Fat Storage

Where humans are terrible at storing glucose, were superstars at storing fat. The average human can store around 100,000 calories of usable energy in fat cells. I haven’t done the math but I’m assuming that’s a month or so of energy. This is how I can go days without eating. The tragedy is that most of you don’t know how to actually convert that stored fat into energy. We literally carry our meals on our bodies. Talk about meal prep. Humans evolved this awesome ability to survive famine. During hearty summer months our ancestors could pack on fat to be used during harsh winter months, similar to how a bear hibernates. For ancient man this was key to survival. For modern man, winter never comes. There is no famine, there is no struggle. We’re in a perpetual fat storage state. "I am jacks fatty liver" 

Fat Adaptation

Fat adaptation is the ability to burn fat for your submaximal energy needs and spare stored glucose. Submaximal is basically anything less than full physical exertion. In order to become fat adapted we must restrict glucose. By restricting glucose our bodies have no choice but to use fat for fuel. Unfortunately, our bodies are quite stubborn in response to our first attempt at becoming fat adapted. This is the trickiest piece of becoming a metabolic powerhouse. If you’re use to burning glucose, any significant glucose restriction will trigger a hypoglycemic (low blood glucose) response. You will be hungry, you will be cranky and you will be fatigued. It’s kind of like jumping in a cold pool, it sucks at first, but is amazing afterward. It will take a few weeks before you start to feel super-human.

Glucose Sparing

You wouldn’t put your tiny spare tire on every time you drove your vehicle right? Not when you have 4 brand new Goodyears ready to go. The spare sucks for every day driving, but it’s absolutely crucial for emergencies.

Glucose sparing is very similar to our spare tire idea. When we become efficient at burning fat for fuel, our bodies store glucose for when we need it most. In ancient history, glucose was a precious molecule used for maximal effort, like running from a jaguar. Ancient man was designed in a glucose poor environment. He would have only consumed it through in-season fruits, nuts or vegetables. Keep in mind, these were whole food, complex and fibrous sources of glucose. Presently, we eat processed glucose all damn day, in such forms as bread, pasta, candy, soda, juice, syrup, beer, chips, (stop me when you’re hungry) rice, tortillas, granola, wheat, cereal etc. Glucose is also added to just about every packaged food you can buy. Our bodies have forgotten how to spare glucose simply because there’s no need to. We eat glucose, we burn glucose and we store fat. Fat adaptation retrains the body to spare glucose for only maximal efforts and burn fat.


Ketones improve cellular respiration (the process in which mitochondria produce ATP/energy) in the brain. You know that feeling you get after your first cup of coffee? Where you want to text all your friends telling them to have a good day? That’s the feeling of ketosis on the brain, only it lasts all day long. This is one phenomenon that you just have to experience yourself. Heres Dr. Peter Attia explaining this feeling (video)

Exercising on Ketones – an unfair advantage


I ran a half marathon on an empty stomach…well, it wasn’t entirely empty, I had coffee and butter before the race. My time was somewhere around 1 hour 40 minutes which averages to about 7.5 minute miles for 13 miles. I’m not a runner, I’m built like a Troll. It was the third running event I’d ever done and I did not train for it. When I say I did not train for it, I mean I didn’t run a single mile months prior to the race. 

Other runners ate big breakfasts, gulped down energy drinks and squeezed sugary gels into their faces throughout the race, I just drank salty water. Endurance athletes who burn glucose are constantly fighting to replenish a fast depleting fuel reserve. Fat adapted athletes avoid the fueling problem altogether. Again, we carry our meals on our body. 

The heart actually prefers ketones for energy. Myocardial cells (heart cells) are designed to use fat. This is a HUGE endurance advantage over your sugar burning competition. Another hint from nature if you ask me. 

Because a low carb diet is anti-inflammatory by nature, muscle and joint soreness wasnt a problem. 


68 hours into my 72 hour fast I laced up my jumpers and headed to the weight room. When all was said and done I’d deadlifted 200% my body weight 15 times. Still feeling good, I grabbed some dumbbells and bench pressed my 1 rep max (240 pounds) 5 times for a new personal record. I finished off the session with 5 sets of jumping squats. In one training session I had disproven the popular belief that humans need anything to eat prior to exercise. This was glucose sparing at its best. 

Protein synthesis

Studies show that when we exercise in a fasted state, our anabolic (muscle building) response is almost doubled. All my strength training is now done in a fasted state, why not if I get twice the growth? 


I’m just an average guy. I have a new baby, a demanding job, school and lots of hobbies. I don’t want to dedicate more than a few hours a week to weightlifting, cardio or meal prep. But I do want to run like an Ethiopian and have chimpanzee strength, is that too much to ask? When we burn fat for fuel we unlock unlimited energy and loads of free time. Maintaining a sexy and healthy physique isn’t a full time job, it’s just a side effect of optimal metabolism. This way of living just clicked for me. I’m not saying it’s the end all health routine, but if you’re not 100% satisfied with your body and mind its worth a try.

Curious? Contact me for coaching. First session is free

Thanks for reading,




A Ketogenic Day

I woke up at 4:00am today…on purpose.  It’s really peaceful that time of the day.  There’s no cars driving around outside, you can’t hear the neighbor’s TV and there seems to be less of a “buzz” in the air.  I’m not sure how else to describe it.  It’s just…calm.

The first thing I did when I got downstairs was chug down 8oz of water with 1tsp of Celtic Sea Salt and a squeeze of lemon.  I’ve found that starting my system off with a blast of minerals is the best way to kickstart the day.  Next up is a 20 minute meditation.  I’ve been doing this about 5 days a week for a month and I’ve noticed my mind has slowed down tremendously.  I find it much easier to remain present and productive when I practice meditation.  If I’m feeling extra productive I’ll do an oil-pull (swish coconut oil in your mouth) while I meditate.  Two birds with one stone!

After that’s out of the way I made some coffee in the French press.  Once I’ve calmed my mind with meditation I’m ready to blast off with a cup of my favorite dark roast.  In a 30oz French press I’ll use 4-5 Tbls of beans and then blend 3 Tbls of grass-fed butter and 1 Tbls of cold pressed coconut oil after the coffee is brewed.  I’ll pour myself 1-2 cups and save the rest in a thermos to drink through lunch time.

Now that I have my coffee it’s time to get productive.  At 5:00am I started working on my new book, Paleogenic.  Writing is an interesting process.  I’ve found that any writing worth keeping usually happens after 30mins of typing in circles.  If I get interrupted by something then I might as well start over. 

My wife gets up around 6:00am so I generally stop writing and hang with her and the dog for a bit. I don’t have much time though since I need to get ready and leave for the day-job by 6:45am.  The car ride to work consisted of sipping my delicious coffee and blasting Rage Against the Machine.  It makes me laugh thinking about how I’m the accountant driving to work screaming “Fuck you I won’t do what ya tell me!!!”

I sipped my coffee until it was gone at about 10am.  I always wish I had more.  I checked my Ketone levels and found myself in moderate ketosis.  At this point I am still firing with energy.  The gym was calling my name so I decided to go sneak in a quick workout for my lunch break.  Being in ketosis is great because it will allows me to skip the food and go crush some heavy weights which will produce plenty of endorphins to keep me on Cloud-9 for the rest of the day.  Dead lifts and deep squats for 30mins and it was time to head back to work.

The only thing I’ve eaten so far is a slice of grass-fed cheese and some dark chocolate covered in grass-fed butter and almond butter.  Mmmmm.  Fattening.  I needed something when I got back from the gym and this was all I had. 

As 3:30pm rolled around I was excited to head home.  My energy levels were still high and I didn’t feel and hunger pangs.  I was excited to eat dinner later but my stomach wasn’t growling yet.  It still amazes me that at one point in my life I would have eaten 3 (sometimes 4) meals by 3pm. 

I stopped at the store on the way and picked up some food to cook for dinner.  I can feel myself getting hungry at this point.  Grass-fed beef, organic cauliflower and zucchini.  I had white rice and carrots at home so those will go perfectly.  I cooked 2 cups or white rice in bone broth, steamed the head cauliflower and mashed it up, browned the ground beef with sliced carrots and some seasoning, then mixed everything together in one big pot.  Add plenty of sea salt and some homemade sauerkraut and you have a meal fit for a king.

A Keto King.

After dinner we cleaned up the kitchen and had some dark chocolate with butter and whole milk for dessert.  There’s always room for that for some reason…don’t ask me why.  I hang with the wife and play with the dog again.  I’m still in the process of creating more time so morning and night are my only options for this.  I’ll end the night reading whatever book I’m on (currently Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill).  Sleep is effortless when you’ve had such a jam packed day.

This is the reality of ketosis.  My breakfast was coffee and butter, lunch was a small amount of cheese and chocolate and dinner was a massive feast.  I seriously ate until I couldn’t anymore.  My energy levels were sky high all day, I don’t need to take naps, mentally I’ve never felt sharper and emotionally I’ve become exactly who my wife needs me to be.

And guess what?  I’ll do it again tomorrow.


Reframing Bacteria

In a recent study conducted by North Carolina-based researchers, the belly buttons of 60 (six-zero) people were swabbed and analyzed for their bacterial content.  In these 60 people a total of 2, 368 (two thousand three hundred sixty eight) DIFFERENT species of bacteria were discovered.  As if that number wasn’t mind boggling enough, National Geographic reported that OVER HALF (1,458) “may be new to science.” (1,2)

New to science…?

There are about 7 billion (7,000,000,000) people walking the planet as we speak.  In the navel cavity of just 60 of them, 1,458 species of bacteria were discovered that may be new to science.  The magnitude of this revelation should be sending shock-waves through the health communities as we try to grasp what this means for the understanding of human biology.  The belly buttons of just 60 people have changed the world.

What does that mean to you?  Well, if you’re one of the many who think that germs and bacteria are bad then this serves as a wake-up-call.  Bacteria are everywhere.  They're on everything and in unbelievable quantities, much of which isn’t even understood by modern science.  Why then is there a push for anti-bacterial soap?  Why the demonization of something that is seemingly everywhere?

This begs the question: Is the phrase “Kills 99.99% of bacteria” a good thing?

Our digestive system relies heavily on the help of bacteria in order to break down the foods we consume.  In fact, without adequate amounts of bacteria, human life would be impossible.  If we were able to see these microorganisms with the naked eye it would look like everyone and almost everything was covered in them.

Bacteria are literally everywhere.

Developing a new perspective on these helpful creatures is a must when transitioning to a more Paleo approach to life.  Are there bad bacteria?  Sure.  E. Coli and Salmonella are not the best things to come into contact with.  Should you be afraid of 99.99% of other bacteria because of a few rotten apples?  No way.  In fact, a fear of bacteria may actually translate into a less healthy life for you and your family.

The human microbiome is only recently beginning to become more understood by scientists and the shocking revelations are far from over.  Recently it was proposed that anxiety, depression and other mood disorders may have a connection to the health of your gut bacteria. (3)  The claim that your personality could possibly be determined by the health of your gut is quite shocking to say the least.

Words like fermented, cultured, and sour begin to take on entire different meanings when they’re associated with your health and wellness.  

In order to accelerate your body’s ability to be metabolically flexible you need to ensure your gut has all the resources it needs to break down your foods efficiently.  Foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are excellent sources of beneficial bacteria your gut can utilize.  Consuming foods with high bacteria counts (raw dairy, fermented veggies, etc) will propel your digestive system to new levels of performance and possibly change your outlook on life.  Bacteria are that powerful.

This sterile environment being preached by today’s culture has been doing our microbiome great harm.  Children are becoming increasingly more fragile, and the very reason for this could be due to their lack of a strong microbiome. 

Dr. Robynne Chutkan has a B.S. from Yale, an M.D. from Columbia and teaches in the gastroenterology department at Georgetown University Hospital.  She is considered one of the most well known gastroenterologists in America and has this to say:

This idea of cleanliness has gone out of control. You walk into a hospital where everything is antiseptic and that’s important if you’re going to have surgery, but it’s trickled into our everyday lives. Kids are scrubbed clean and there’s hand sanitizer everywhere. But those microbes you’re scrubbing away from your skin and depleting from your gut are part of your body. They’re essential to your “ecosystem” and they help keep you healthy.”

She goes on to say:

We are host to 100 trillion microbes—mostly bacteria, but also viruses and fungi and protozoa. It’s helpful to think of ourselves as their host, like the planet with animals. If we’re good to them, they’ll be good to us.” (4)

There are many books and resources available to learn more about our highly-advanced microbiome.  The Paleo approach involves embracing our intimate connection to these microscopic helpers and understanding that fear of them may by doing us more harm than good.


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